"Water Lily" Canvas Print 12"x12"

"Water Lily" Canvas Print 12"x12"

Canvas Print:

Ever since Monet painted them, water lilies have carried a romanticism about them. They float on the water like round boats, carrying precious blossoms that open wide for a day and then are gone with the setting sun. As an artist, I find their ethereal beauty intriguing. I'm surrounded by them here in Florida. And no matter how many times I paint even the same patch of water lilies, they are always shifting-- cool blues in the morning, warm olives as sun climbs higher, burgundies as the wind peels them over, the evening sky casts contrasting oranges and dark shadows. I could do a whole series on just water lilies. Maybe I will! ;)


Listing includes:

-a professionally-printed 12"x12" archival giclee print on canvas, unframed, and signed by artist (me!)

-If you'd like a 2 inch white border for your framer to stretch the canvas for $10, please add this option to the cart. (See shop products)

It's shipped in a protective plastic sleeve inside a mailing tube.

Since every computer monitor is different, please allow for a possible slight color variation. I do my best to get it as accurate as possible. 

I guarantee that you will be happy with the quality of this print. For any questions, comments, or just to say hi, please message me below!

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