About me

A Quick Bio

I've always known two things: first, I love everything tropical. My art school roommate used to joke that I could make any place look like Hawai'i. Second, I like to make art. My grandfather was an illustrator, my mother studied art therapy, and I was one of those lucky kids who grew up with parents who encouraged art-making.

After moving around for most of my life (which helped develop a sense of what makes a place special), I studied illu... Learn more

Creating Art with Passion

My illustrations and paintings showcase my creativity and passion for art and the tropics. I LOVE bright, joyful colors, and mixing it up between watercolor and gouache. Much of my portfolio is inspired by a background in travel, as well as having spent most of my life in warm climates. Have a look at my illustrations, where you will see that each of my pieces is done with absolute care. Whether it's a humorous illustration for kids or paint... Learn more